About Book&Begin

Book&Begin is made with love in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Our mission

Book&Begin started in the late 2015 with one goal; to create the best possible bookings experience online and even though we've come along way since we first launched our service, we're not yet there.

We want to involve our customers - they're the ones using the booking-system on a daily basis, not our employees or CEO's. We value our customers much, and do everything in our power to involve and listen to the feedback of our customers in both the process of changing and implementing new features.

A company is nothing without it's employees

What is a company worth without it's employees? Nothing. That's why we share our profit with our employees. This keeps them both invested in creating the best experience possible, for all our customers - and ensures that everyone is involved in the ideas and process of our ambitious goal: to be create the absolute best possible booking experience online.